Hello there beautiful person! I’m Kate.

This blog is an assortment of previously published and exclusive scribblings by yours truly. The catalyst to create this site occurred when my portfolio split on my way to an interview and I had to chase swaths of yellowed newsprint down the road.

I began writing in May 2013 as a contributing visual arts columnist for the Waikato Times. Since then, I have been writing a mixture of interviews, features, and reviews for the likes of Rip It Up magazine and Audioculture, so a lot of the published articles will have a strong focus on visual art and music.

All aspects of culture have fascinated me from a young age. One of my earliest memories is dancing around the living room to ‘Jailhouse Rock’, smearing my paint-covered hands all over a ridiculously over-sized faux fur coat that had seen better days.

Growing up, I was the awkward kid who was way too enthusiastic about academia, anything not in the Top 40 and op-shop clothes to be considered hegemonically cool. So I spent my summers learning about the human condition via waitressing, writing absurd plays, and swooning over Jack White and other attractive oddballs. I would listen to anything 30 years out of date or anything no-one had ever heard of. (To be honest not much has changed in that department). My first ‘big concert’ was The Rolling Stones. I was 16 years old and went with my Mum and her friends. We sang along to every word. Before that week was out I had been to see Die! Die! Die! (not with my Mum) at Upsett Records, and was fully hooked on the live music experience.

Career-wise I have dabbled in the Museums and Galleries sector, curation, and freelance writing, which is supplemented by my day job as a Public Relations practitioner. My portfolios to date have included Arts, Heritage, Environment and Communities for the Auckland Council and the Equity Office at the University of Auckland.

Other blog-worthy topics that will most probably crop up at some point include: Generation Y, politics, philosophy, feminism, books, and the absurdity of life.

Please feel free to comment on any articles posted, and a friendly reminder that all of the articles published are copyrighted to Kate Powell unless otherwise specified. If you would like to publish or quote them, please get in touch with me first to discuss it further.

Happy reading and thanks for popping by!

Kate xx


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